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Subject: Re: core components analysis

Thanks to James Whittle for sharing the CC Analysis Document with us.

Line 8: Gender code identifying the gender of a party.  Under Brief
Description we can specify the same code UN/EDIFACT uses: ISO 5218:1977
Information Interchange-Representation of Human Sexes, which has also
been adopted as an American National Standard by ANSI last year.  Of
course, UN/EDIFACT doesn't seem to require (or allow) a gender code
within party definitions.

The following data items and codes are used:
 Not known 0
 Male  1
 Female  2
 Not specified 9

According to the standard, "No significance is to be placed on the fact
that `Male' is coded `1' and `Female' is coded `2'. This standard was
developed based upon predominant practice of the countries involved and
does not convey any meaning of importance, ranking or any other basis
that could imply discrimination."

On line 18, why is Language shown as an Aggregate, if other than to
express multi-lingualism with an array or repetition? It can be
accommodated by referring to the ISO 639 Code List (Codes for the
Representation of Names of Languages), maintained by the Library of
Congress at http://lcweb.loc.gov/standards/iso639-2/iso639jac.html.

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