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ebxml-core message

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Subject: core components analysis

From:	Yoshiyuki Kitahara [mailto:ykitahara@infoteria.co.jp]
Sent:	12 December 2000 22:56
To:	core components list
Subject:	Re: core components analysis

How do you do.
My name is Yoshiyuki Kitahara from Infoteria Corporation (www.infoteria.com
<http://www.infoteria.com> ) in Japan.
Our company is member of OASIS.
I am not sure that whether you allow to post my basic question in mailing
list or not.
So, First, I would like to ask you about my question. I am sorry to spend
your time for me.

Now, I looked core components analysys's Excel sheet.
My question is the following.
1.) There are a few way to write "Address" and "Party Name" or some string
entity in some counties.
For example, You know, When someone write Building name in "Address" by
Kanji character. sometimes, In Japan, A customer will add the information of
ruby string with Katakana or Hiragana which has phonetic meaning..  You can
find the sample about this in attached bitmap of this mail. Most of
transport company's sending envelop has these information.  Is this possible
to add these information in some entities?
2.) If it does not have in this current spec, I would like to request to
discuss the way of adding ruby information or the rule of adding these
Best regards.
*	Y.Kitahara

Yoshiyuki Kitahara
VP and Chief Technology Officer
Infoteria Corporation
mailto : ykitahara@infoteria.co.jp <mailto:ykitahara@infoteria.co.jp> 
web : www.infoteria.com <http://www.infoteria.com> 

----- Original Message -----
From:	"James Whittle" <james.whittle@e-centre.org.uk
<mailto:james.whittle@e-centre.org.uk> >
To:	<ebxml-core@lists.ebxml.org <mailto:ebxml-core@lists.ebxml.org> >
Sent:	Tuesday, December 12, 2000 11:42 PM
Subject:	core components analysis

Hi all please find attached the latest core components analysis work alond
with details how and who to submit comments to.
<<CCAnalysis_7_12-00.xls>>  <<comments guideline.doc>>
Kind regards
James Whittle
E Business standards executive

Tel. No. 44 (0)20 7655 9022
Fax No. 44 (0)20 7681 2278

10 Maltravers Street, LONDON, WC2R 3BX.
www Address: www.e-centre.org.uk <http://www.e-centre.org.uk>
<http://www.e-centre.org.uk <http://www.e-centre.org.uk> >
e-mail james.whittle@e-centre.org.uk <mailto:james.whittle@e-centre.org.uk>
<mailto:james.whittle@e-centre.org.uk <mailto:james.whittle@e-centre.org.uk>

Best business practice in a digital age.
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