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Subject: DTD & Sample - Specification Schema for review

 <<ebXmlSpecifcationSample090.xml>>  <<ebXmlSpecificationDTD090.dtd>> 
 Enclosed is the DTD which matches the ebXml Specification Schema 0.90 and a
sample of it's use.  Note that we do not have an 
Automated generator or parser for this yet so it is done by hand and could
have errors.  It is valid XML.

The following comments are derived from the process of making the sample and

1. Important! We must define a set of "core" types.  To make the example, I
assumed the following:
                      Integer, String (Simple), Text (IE HTML), Float,
Decimal, Date, Time,
                      DateTime, Currency, Duration.
                      Other built-in types may be added by core components

2. There is no apparent difference between "document" (representing
"Structured Document") and "aggregate", other than one can be in a document
set and one can not - so why have the distinction? (The same is true for
document-set, but some people seem to Really want this). 

3. Having to define document sets all the time is annoying.  Perhaps
reference to a document type in a business transaction can imply a document

4. It is not clear if the user can make new "Basic Information Entities" or
if this is just for built-in types.  It is not currently in the DTD.

5. There is no way, as there is in XML, to define reusable attribute types.

6. There are some times I would have wanted to put the delivery attributes o
the data type as well as the attribute.

7. Document set should inherit from information entity so it can be used in
attributes, as is done in the example.

8. I assume we want to be able to document models, I added this to the DTD
but it is not in the model.

-----Original Message-----
From: Karsten Riemer
To: ebxml-bp@lists.ebxml.org; ebxml-core@lists.ebxml.org
Sent: 12/30/00 7:09 PM
Subject: Specification Schema for review

attached is the BP Specification Schema.
It will be discussed in this coming Tuesday's metamodel meeting and if
major issues are raised it will be submitted to QR on Wednesday 1/3. It
be accompanied by a DTD and a set of patterns. Paul, please send call
info for
Tuesday's meeting to BP and Core lists.




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