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Subject: RE: proposed Executive Summary paragraph

<Karsten Riemer>
in today's metamodel meeting today I promised to add some verbiage to the
executive summary of the specification schema document:

Here's a proposed new version, please comment:

Executive Summary:

The ebXML Specification Schema is a logical subset of the metamodel behind UMM
as specified by UN/CEFACT TMWG's N90.

The ebXML Specification Schema provides for the nominal set of specification
elements necessary to configure a runtime system in order to execute a set of
ebXML business transactions. The current version of the specification schema
facilitates the infrastructure release of ebXML's TRP, TP, and RegRep
specifications. A subsequent version will address additional features such as
(but not limited to), Resources/Events/Agents, multi-party coreography,
Context based content. 
</Karsten Riemer>

I suggest deleting the last sentence.  The phrases "logical subset"
and "current version" convey the idea of "more to come".  To try
to precisely list the additional features will raise more contentious 
issues that are not needed in this document.

Bob Haugen

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