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Subject: RE: proposed Executive Summary paragraph

Hi All,

In my opinion, the first sentence alone would cause most executives to stop
It is littered with acronyms and somewhat sophisticated technical jargon.

Here is my attempt for your consideration:
  (NOTE: "..." is to be filled in with readable text defining the following

Executive Summary:

The ebXML Specification Schema provides a standard framework by which
business systems may be configured to support execution of business
transactions.  It is based upon prior UN/CEFACT work, specifically the
...(UMM) defined in ... 

The current version of the specification schema facilitates the
infrastructure release of ebXML's ...(TRP), ...(TP), and ...(RegRep)

A subsequent version will address additional desired(required?) features
such as  Resources/Events/Agents, multi-party choreography, and context
based content. 

         Bob Miller

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