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Subject: RE: proposed Executive Summary paragraph

>It is based upon prior UN/CEFACT work, specifically the
>UN/CEFACT Unified Modeling Methodology (UMM) defined in the N90 specification.

It's not based on the methodology but the metamodel
behind N90, as you originally wrote.  (We agreed to a 
compromise way to reference the BP metamodel, not 
to eliminate the metamodel as a normative reference.)  
I agree with Mr. Miller that the sentence is awkward, but
that's what happens with some compromises.

>A subsequent version will address additional desired(required?) features
>such as the semantics of economic exchanges and contracts, multi-party
>choreography, and context based content.

>(There was also a suggestion by Bob Haugen to drop the last paragraph, I would
>like to hear votes pro/con on that)

McCarthy's wording is ok by me.  I was just trying to avoid 
more description-churn and get the document nailed down,
I didn't like the original wording but didn't think it was
necessary to debate it.  In other words, I pass.

-Bob Haugen

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