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Subject: Schedule for Specification Schema

Assuming smooth sailing for the Specification Schema, the schedule for the
approval process is:

Cycle 1:
   QR review, week of 1/8
   Executive review, week of 1/15
   Public review, weeks of 1/22 and 1/29
   Editing, week of 2/5

Cycle 2:
   QR review, week of 2/12 (that is Vancouver)
   Executive review, week of 2/19
   Public review, weeks of 2/26 and 3/5
   Editing, week of 3/12

Approval: Week of 4/2

So we have a little bit of slack, but I want to stay on the above schedule as
far as possible because it keeps us on a track separate from the bottle-neck
track likely to be TRP/TP/RegRep.

So I would like to have a meeting this coming Tuesday. I would like it to be
11:00 EST (8 PST) due to a standing meeting conflict with another meeting. The
meeting is to discuss issues from QR, if any, to start an issues list, discuss
team roles moving forward, and to set up alignment meetings with TP and TRP as
they get their submissions ready for cycle 1.

Paul can you set this up please, and post call info to BP and Core?



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