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Subject: Re: Core Component Analysis - SWIFT's Comments

Message text written by Duane Nickull

The Globally Unique Identifier is a requirement for ebXML to work
properly.  We suggest using the attribute "UID" which is consistent with
the UDDI terminology.  These will be fixed attributes for each Core
Component used in a business message.  The XML messages do not need to
contain the attributes however, when they are parsed by a validating
parser against the DTD declaring the fixed value attributes, the
attributes will be available for writing handler code to resolve
semantic references in repositories.

Simple, sweet and beautiful.


Duane Nickull<


Clarification - GUID in the RegRep spec's is the Microsoft 128byte random
string.  You for sure do NOT want to use those for business reference UID!

GUID is intended as internal registry linkage use within registry engines.

The UID is for human use.   UID has several suggested forms, including

URN:UID, UID by itself, or URI:UID, depending on need.


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