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Subject: Re: Core Component Analysis - SWIFT's Comments

Thought I would chime in on this issue of non-English language support.
Attached is a small section of the CoreTalk technology that directly
addresses this tag name issue. Some of our terminology will be "foreign,"
but the general approach defines a clear architectural solution. Hopes this
information provides some insight and value to the discussion.

Note: The Manifest, Block, Node, tuple, and symbol names in the diagram
would be replaced with domain names in a given set of languages and

Sandy Klausner
CoreTalk Corporation
408.867.1100 O

> From: Sugamata <hsedi@attglobal.net>
> Date: Thu, 25 Jan 2001 12:55:51 +0900
> To: "Blantz, Mary Kay" <mblantz@netfish.com>, "'Steve.GIS.Tompkins@chase.com'"
> <Steve.GIS.Tompkins@chase.com>, Philip Goatly <philip.goatly@bolero.net>
> Cc: ebXML Core <ebxml-core@lists.ebxml.org>, mizoguchi@ecom.or.jp,
> y-saito@ecom.or.jp, waka@ecom.or.jp, swlim@kiec.or.kr, franklin@if.com.tw
> Subject: RE: Core Component Analysis - SWIFT's Comments
> Hi Mary,
> We have been discussing on the language matters in Japan, and we don't care
> the English is used as the TAG for XML.
> The real problem for us in the non-English world is the language used in
> the model. We can draw the business process model in our language
> (Japanese), but it cannot be mapped in XML world automatically if the TAGs
> are defined in English.
> Are there any ideas to solve the problem ?
> At 04:28 01/01/24 -0800, Blantz, Mary Kay wrote:
>> I haven't wanted to enter this discussion, Steve, but do want to let you
>> know that the plan is to start with Oxford English.  People who
>> require tags in other languages intend to develop Core Components (and
>> tags) in those languages.  We expect French, German, Russian, and Japanese
>> at the very least.  We may even have some people who want to use American!
>> Mary Kay
> -------------------------------------------
> Hisanao Sugamata
> ECOM: Electronic Commerce Promotion Council
> TEL: +81-5500-3668
> FAX: +81-5500-3660
> -------------------------------------------

CoreTalk Symbolic Expressio.pdf

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