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Subject: Re: Core Component Analysis - SWIFT's Comments

I had flame mail in mind. Apology was not expected. But at least you found
a library, convinced them to open the doors for the first time this year
and made the effort to learn to write "dictionary". Major effort of that
kind goes a long way in my book..... :-)

P.S. How's Vancouver? Last time I was there I was engaged in a drunken
conversation with a Eskimo who was telling me about the 90 different types
of snow that they differentiate between. I dread to think what Eskimo XML
would look like. <Snow></Snow> becomes - <LightSnow/>,
<SlightlyLessLightSnow/>, <Slush/>, <Sleet/>, <SlushySleet/>,
<SlushySleetWithBlackBits/>, <SlushAndMudButNoBlackBits/> ...........

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