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Subject: RE: Core Component Analysis - SWIFT's Comments

Message text written by "Blantz, Mary Kay"
Having said that, however, I think that we still need to have the ability
to have 'tags' in various languages.  If what we are trying to do is make
electronic data exchange feasible for the widest possible audience, then
we can't assume that everyone involved will be a programmer, or will
read English.  The ability to 'translate' into other languages has to be
available for anyone who wants to do all the work it will take to make
it happen.


Mary-Kay can I suggest 'Labels' for the other languages - since 
most often you want to put in on a form or report.

You can also use the XML and W3C ability to label the description 
in a language other than english.

Following these basic recipes gives you plenty of options.

Thanks, DW.

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