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Subject: Re: Tag Languages, UID's etc.

Message text written by "William J. Kammerer"
>perhaps Duane and David can
demonstrate how these Bizcodes or UIDs could be used to make RosettaNet
(or OTA or S.W.I.F.T. XML) messages understandable within the context of
ebXML Core Components.


Thanks for the challenge.  Notice that RosettaNet have already adopted
the equivalent of Bizcodes and UID's - they call them G-Ref's I believe.

I had hoped that bizcode would be embraced as a term - since it is public
domain - and maybe donating the site and term to ebXML can cross
that bridge.  Bizcode is definately more user friendly than UID.  The 
analogy to Barcode is also one that end users can instantly relate to.

Anyway - politics aside - (I presume Sun do not like bizcode because of
the possible association to biztalk) - the technology aspects of this 
make this a 'no brainer' in terms of providing the ability to bridge via
Registry referencing and associations and cross-referencing.

i.e. I can query the registry to discover what UID 'abc1234' associations
has - and from that discover the EDI igML reference, or RosettaNet, or
any other dictionary where there is equivalence based on the UID
referencing within the Registry.

You can also use XPath/Xpointer constructs - where the Xpointer is the
UID, and the XPath is the registry location - to achieve instance 
referencing from the parser; or namespace linkage to a registry or
registries for a schema / DTD.   That is if you want a lightweight - pure
XML syntax based method too.

As for the core component linkage in the registry - I hope to get 
agreement on the best-practice for this in a couple of weeks
in Vancouver and look forward to working on some XML with
everyone then.   I'm sure we'll be able to effectively pool our
ideas then and get the best combination distilled out.

Thanks, DW.

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