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Subject: more: Re: Tag Languages, UID's etc.

Message text written by "William J. Kammerer"
>But like Curt Arnold, I'd rather do that then be
presented with something like 208AA0C4-8612-4327-823C-784278F0D0BE.

Hence, we don't yet have to rule out basing tags on a limited vocabulary
like that held in the Basic Semantics Register.  This avoids the
inconvenience of the indirection required by the unintelligent UIDs and
BizCodes.  By unintelligent, I don't mean Duane's proposal is stupi<



Acchh!  I just read further down.  Bizcodes stupid / unintelligable??!

I'm sorry but you are getting confused with the GUID thing from 
Microsoft and Sun - that's the 128 byte crypto-goup machine

Remember I've actually worked in a warehouse finding product
by SKU et al.  Humans like short string pairs - that old two, five
and seven rule.   I'm seeing Bizcodes allocated in sets - 
so in the perenial address example:

Mailing Address - ADR01000

Street line    - ADR01010
City Name   - ADR01020
State Code - ADR01030
Post Code  - ADR01040

and so on.   EDIFACT and X12 already have element codes that
can be happily re-used for all this too - as does your excellent
igML work I believe....

As Duane likes to say - the wheel is already round.

Thanks, DW.

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