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Subject: Re: Your comments on the CC Analysis


Thanks for your answer on point 5 of my comments regarding the scope of the CC Analysis (see file attached).
I agree indeed with you that we have to have a broader scope in the CC analysis in order to find what is "core". No problem with
that if the concerned domain may further refine the proposed component to fit the real needs within the domain.

However, I would have been interested by also having some (preliminary) answers regarding the other 4 initial points which are
closely related to the CC "methodology" and Meta-model in which you are mostly involved (I think?).
Hope that I will have at least some answers in Vancouver from the "CC methodology group" on those points since they are mostly
relevant to that group. What do you think ?

Looking forward to meeting you again in Vancouver.
Best regards ans see you there.

Michael Adcock wrote:

> Bonjour Jacques
> I've been asked to respond to your comments on behalf of Marianne and
> Paula Heilig, and the response is in the attached word file.
> Are you going to be in Vancouver?
> 'bye for now...
> Mike Adcock
> Standards & Security Unit
> APACS - Association for Payment Clearing Services
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> 14 Finsbury Square
> London EC2A 1LQ
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> Fax: +44 (0) 20 7711 6299
> e-mail: michael.adcock@apacs.org.uk
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Response to Jacques 2001-01-26.doc

org:S.W.I.F.T.;Marketing - Standards Dept.
title:Lead Analyst
fn:Jacques Littre

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