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Subject: Re: Tag Languages, UID's etc. - My experiment with the Beacon BDR

> In summary, with everyone and his brother (ISO BSR and the Beacon BDR as
> notable examples) having already started such naming facilities, why
> does ebXML have to invent its own?  At a minimum, couldn't some XML
> artifact ("imaginary" namespaces???) be used to say a particular name is
> defined by the BSR, or alternatively, the BDR, the HIPAA DED or the
> RosettaNet Business Dictionary?

It isn't making its own. The ISO TC154 team working on BSR and Madras are
also involved in ebXML. The problem is that we need to structure things much
better for use in the hierarchical world of ebXML. This is the work that is
currently going into the core component analysis work. Have not fear, BSR is
the basis, but BSR cannot be used as is because it is too inflexible. BDR on
the other hand is just too damn expensive to be of use to SMEs.

Martin Bryan

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