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Subject: Public Review of Specification Schema v,0.90


public review cycle #1 of Specification Schema v,0.90 started last Thursday
morning 2/1. It will conclude Wednesday night 2/14. 

Please take some time to review this document which is part of the ebXML
infrastructure release, due to be adopted in April.

The document is at http://ebxml.org/specdrafts/BPSpecificationSchemaV0.90.pdf

Starting at tomorrow's metamodel meeting we are building the list of issues as
part of the public review. Please mail all issues to the BP list (or to
someone who can). Mark all e-mails with "Issue, SpecSchema v,0.90" so we don't
miss any of them.

Also, please classify your issues as "show-stopper" or "editorial".
Show-stopper means you will not vote to adopt the Specification Schema without
resolution to that issue. Editorial means you would like the issue addressed
but can vote to adopt even if the issue is only partially addressed, or not at

At the Vancouver meeting we will have two sessions as part of the public
review. One will be a quick review of the content of the spec and an in-person
chance to raise or expand on  issues. The other will be Thursday 2/15, a
session to resolve as many of the issues as we can, so we can re-submit the
document to QR for the second review cycle.

To help interpret the document, we have made up a simpler XML example which I
attach here. The example has a lot of comment lines that explain the use of
the DTD. The DTD itself is also attached, so you don't have to cut and paste
out of the document to view it in an XML viewer.

Looking forward receiving your issues,


The BP/CC Metamodel Team



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