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Subject: Re: Show Stopper 2 Problem Statement

Message text written by "Martin Bryan"

>Never say impossible!

Sorry, but it is impossible in pure (DTD-based) XML because you have no
element ID mechanism (and I ain't allowed to do anything that requires the
use of XSLT either!)

>>>>>>>>>>>> Ok - I'm seeing in pure XML V1.0 sense - yes, but leveraging
the registry to return context information and supplemental XML will work.
We are investigating this with NIST at the moment against a registry
implementation.   Having a neutral approach that can be implemented
without requiring a specific programming language or system is important,

The info model is there, buried in section 5 of ebXML The role of context
the re-usability of Core Components and Business Processes.

>>>>>>>>>>>>> Ok - got it!

Thanks, DW.

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