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Subject: RE: ebXML - Analysis Sub-group Meeting

Hi Marianne,

I forgot to send a message to the whole group about the April 
meeting, but had decided my own vote would be for London.  

I would suggest, however, that the meeting be for the full week.
That is, April 2nd - 6th.

I realize that you personally have another commitment for 
Tuesday of that week, but perhaps the rest of the group could
work in your absence.  Since there is much to do, it would be
good to have the extra days.  I'm especially interested to know
if Paula could do the whole week.  And am including the whole
group in this Email, to find out who else would be able to 
attend for the whole time.

How many meeting rooms will you have available?  I believe that
several folks from the BP side of our house will also want to be
there.  I think we had said that four meeting rooms would be

I would ask that anyone interested send me a note ASAP.  I'll
keep track, and we can make a decision by Friday of this week.

Mary Kay

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From: Marianne Cockle [mailto:Marianne.Cockle@apacs.org.uk]
Sent: Tuesday, February 27, 2001 4:52 AM
To: mblantz@netfish.com; paula.heilig@worldspan.com; lms@wwnet.com
Cc: Michael Adcock
Subject: ebXML - Analysis Sub-group Meeting

Paula, Mary Kay and Lisa,

I would like to confirm our offer to host the analysis sub-group (10-20
people) in London on the 4th, 5th and 6th of April. 

This would conflict with a full meeting if one is organised, however,
the analysis group are mostly based in Europe and they supported this
idea as it would provide uninterrupted time to continue our work. (Paula
is also able to travel to the UK for the meeting.)

Please let me know. 

Thanks, Marianne

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