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Subject: Show Stopper 1 Problem Statement

I noted the following problem in Vancouver, and asked that it be recorded in
the CC documentation:

Fact 1:
In XML any "name" can only be declared once as an "element".
That name can only be associated with a single "content model".

Fact 2:
During CC Analysis a given "Property Term" often requires different "content
models" in each of the "Object Classes" it is used within.

Fact 2 makes it impossible to represent the CC Analysis work in XML without
renaming of properties.

Identification Details (property type = details) occurs as a component of
Communication Mode within Communication Point and for Party Nationality. For
Party Nationality it is constrained to being an ISO 3166 code. For
Communication Point it needs to be a (predefined?) list of permitted values
such as Phone, Fax, Email, Website, etc.
Solution: For the first example use Nationality as the Property Term within
the Object Class Party and for the second use Mode as the Property Term
within the Object Class Communication Point.

The following rule, if added to the Naming Rules document, would provide a
solution to the problem:

Rule XX
No Property Term may be associated with two or more different Object Classes
unless the same model applies in both classes.

Martin Bryan
The SGML Centre

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