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Subject: Re: ebXML Entity Classes

<chris nelson>
> A decision needs to be made on the format of the interface to store 
> these core component classes  * * *  Where is the XML for the
> document? Is ii made up from XML fragments in core components, 
> or is is built from the final document as defined by the core 
> component model.  * * * There was a lot of debate in the early days 
> on a rule based system for doing this (e.g. XMI).  But this seems to 
> have gone away.  
</chris nelson>

I would appreciate knowing as well.    I am concerned that there are some
aggressive claims being made about the accuracy and roundtrippabilty of
these transforms.   That could be a key issue for legal enforcement of a
"contract" obligation formed by business messages composed of these
objects.    Jamie Clark 

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