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Subject: RE: ebXML Core Components Submission Version 1.01

James Whittle [mailto:james.whittle@e-centre.org.uk]
> Hello all,
> The attached zip file contains the Core Components submission to QRT to be
> considered for public review. The zip contains the following documents;
> *	CC and BP Document Overview Ver 1.01
> *	ebXML Initial catalogue of core components Ver1.01

Thanks James!  Eagerly read those attachments...

The word "account" has a number of meanings in various business
contexts. The Initial Core Components Catalogue Ver 1.01 (Appendix A).pdf
contains the following definition for  000010, "account.details"

   "A service through a bank or other organisation through which funds
   are held on behalf of a client or goods or services are supplied on
   credit." "Can also be used for non-monetary accounts such as a point

There are eleven rows in this account.* aggregate, which seem somewhat
specific to banking.  Here are two, broad usages of the word "account".

1.  External accounts.  "We got the Pepsi account but we lost the
Coke account..."   e.g.
  * Asset accounts such as bank accounts, accounts receivable accounts,
      all kinds of financial assets and receivables, and
  * Liability accounts, payable accounts, loans/bonds/notes etc. payable...

The number of these mutual external "accounts" between businesses outside
of banking is hundreds of times larger than the number of bank accounts.

2. a general "accounting" account, which is any of an extremely large
variety of classification schemes for transactions, adjustments,
etc.  i.e., an internal account.  Income accounts, equity accounts,
property and equipment accounts, budgeting, allocation, WIP, all kinds
of accounts and subaccounts and rollup accounts... Here, read this.

The ebXML Finance domain website has similar focus on banking,

I guess accountants should do our jobs to model our own domain.
What happens if we need some vocabulary words that are already
used exactly in some other domain?


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