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Subject: RE: ebXML Core Components Submission Version 1.01

Todd wrote:
>What happens if we need some vocabulary words that are already
>used exactly in some other domain?

The approach that works well for the DCN is based on a three-tiered naming
scheme. The DCN has an "Account" element-type (tier #1). The "Account"
element is an XSD-abstract element-type, thus forcing the encoding of the
xsi:type attribute (tier #2). The "Account" element may have a "name"
attribute (tier #3) to further designate the type of account that is the
subject of the markup.

These three 'typing' datums are distinct from the title of the account
itself. Thus, we have

<Account xsi:type='OperatingAccount' name='UtilitiesAccount'>
   <title>Heating Oil Account</title>

I should also note that the DCN highly weights the importance of roles
fulfilled by resources. Accounts for instance fulfill roles that are
contextually defined -- a heating oil account may be an expense account in
one context, and also be an income or asset account in other contexts. Thus,
the DCN has elements such as:

<Role xsi:type='AccountRole' name='ExpenseAccount'/>

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