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Subject: Preview of changes for specschema 1.0.

this upcoming week will be the editing week for the final version of
SpecSchema. Attached is a preview of main points that will be addressed as
part of this edit.

Editors are:
Cory Casanave (UML model)
Kurt Kanaski (DTD and examples)
Jim Clark (Transaction Semantics)
Karsten Riemer (overall document)

Advance notification of changes in SpecSchema as it moves from 0.90 to 1.0:

1. Remove all sections describing the entity/attribute document model, replace with references to CoreComponents docs.

1.a. Add description of new elements: DocumentTransfer, DocumentType, Schema, and Attachment.

2. Remove all sections describing instances of patterns. Remove chapter 11 in its entirety. Replace with reference to UMM.

2.a. Add section on how to produce a pattern, describe modeling elements supporting construction of a pattern, describe use of a pattern in a transaction.

3. Review, reword, and clarify all references to ebXML metamodel vs. UMM metamodel.

4. Rework section 6.1. to describe first how SpecSchema works within the overall ebXML architecture (move figure 5-2 here), then how it provides recursive re-use to specify business collaborations (show anatomy of a collaboration).

5. Rework section 6.2 to introduce the big diagram in smaller logical chunks: MultipartyCollaboration, BinaryCollaboration, BusinessTransaction, Choreography

6. Add section on MultipartyCollaboration and choreography of BinaryCollaborations within multi party.

7. Add section to describe roles and how CPP/CPA maps to them

8. Add discussion on new string elements "requires", 'resultsIn", "beginsWhen", "endsWhen"

9. Rearrange sequence of DTD documentation to be more intuitive

10. Add a set of production rules from UML(XMI) to XML
10.a. Describe production rules from SpecSchema UML as XMI to SpecSchema XML instance (need a volunteer)
10.b. If we have time, describe production rules from UMM UML as XMI to SpecSchema XML 
instance (need a volunteer)

11. General shortening and tightening as per QR recommendations.

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