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Subject: Preview of specschema edits

We appear to have solved all remaining modeling issues,
so this week will be the editing week for spec schema.
Attached is a file outlining the major editing tasks.

Editors are:

Cory Casanave: UML model
Kurt Kanaski: DTD and XML examples
Jim Clark: Transaction Semantics
Karsten Riemer: Overall Document

Please speak up if you feel that anything major has been left out of the list.

Advance notification of changes in SpecSchema as it moves from 0.90 to 1.0:

1. Remove all sections describing the entity/attribute document model, replace with references to CoreComponents docs.

1.a. Add description of new elements: DocumentTransfer, DocumentType, Schema, and Attachment.

2. Remove all sections describing instances of patterns. Remove chapter 11 in its entirety. Replace with reference to UMM.

2.a. Add section on how to produce a pattern, describe modeling elements supporting construction of a pattern, describe use of a pattern in a transaction.

3. Review, reword, and clarify all references to ebXML metamodel vs. UMM metamodel.

4. Rework section 6.1. to describe first how SpecSchema works within the overall ebXML architecture (move figure 5-2 here), then how it provides recursive re-use to specify business collaborations (show anatomy of a collaboration).

5. Rework section 6.2 to introduce the big diagram in smaller logical chunks: MultipartyCollaboration, BinaryCollaboration, BusinessTransaction, Choreography

6. Add section on MultipartyCollaboration and choreography of BinaryCollaborations within multi party.

7. Add section to describe roles and how CPP/CPA maps to them

8. Add discussion on new string elements "requires", 'resultsIn", "beginsWhen", "endsWhen"

9. Rearrange sequence of DTD documentation to be more intuitive

10. Add a set of production rules from UML(XMI) to XML
10.a. Describe production rules from SpecSchema UML as XMI to SpecSchema XML instance (need a volunteer)
10.b. If we have time, describe production rules from UMM UML as XMI to SpecSchema XML 
instance (need a volunteer)

11. General shortening and tightening as per QR recommendations.

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