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Subject: Re: More on [BSR]

At 14:53 2001-03-24 -0500, William J. Kammerer wrote:
>[...] no heed should be paid to the ISO BSR.

the BSR is based on TS16668 published last year by ISO, this TS being 
compliant with ISO11179 of JTC1/SC32/WG2. neither this TS, nor this IS are 
"dead": both still fully deserve "paying heed to them"

ISO/TS16668:2000(E) Basic Semantics Register (BSR), [Rules, Guidelines and 
Methodology] is available as file [ISO/TC]154n361.pdf

downstream, the project of launching a Register built on these TS16668 is 
still >the< work item of ISO/TC154/WG1.

hope this info. is helpful, William

all the best, François

ISO  François Vuilleumier, ISO/TC154 chair
TC   c/o DGD, Monbijoustrasse 40, CH-3003 Berne
154  web: <http://www.iso.ch/meme/TC154.html>

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