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Subject: RE: Commentson" ebXML specification for the application of XML b ased assembly and contextrules" ver. 1.01

John and others, I would like to point out that the comment period for these
documents has ended. As the documents are being reviewed by QRT they are
effectively frozen and as a result of QRT's recommendations they may change
significantly. In which case comments made outside the comment period will
become null and void as they will be addressing a previous version.
As focal point of the CC editing team I must stress that while we appreciate
the efforts these comments represent we must also ask for at least some
respect for the review processes which are clearly documented at
www.ebxml.org <http://www.ebxml.org> . 
Kind regards

James Whittle

E Business standards executive

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10 Maltravers Street, LONDON, WC2R 3BX.

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Best business practice in a digital age.

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-----Original Message-----
From: Petit, John [mailto:jpetit@kpmg.com]
Sent: 30 March 2001 04:42
To: 'ebxml-core@lists.ebxml.org'
Subject: Comments on" ebXML specification for the application of XML based
assembly and context rules" ver. 1.01

Lines 578 - 580: It is not defined how these two processors working with
different syntax mappings could figure out in the first place that these two
schemas had anything to do with each other. What is the discovery process?
Lines 581 - 583: Since this assembled document is apparently a transitory
one (not persisted), then how will this "map" be generated? Is this an
automated process? If so, it should be spelled out more clearly in the spec.
Cheers, John Petit 
Manager, KPMG 
Office: 970 728 9468 
Mobile: 312 961 8956 

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