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Subject: Re: Some Party questions


I have been raising this question for a long time.  I don't think that
there is any need to actually retrieve something from DUNS however, the
number must be able to be used as a root for a URN that is unique.  The
secondary URI reference is used for retrieving information about the
party.  This is the way it has been explained to me anyways.

Therefore,  the IANA registration will just ensure that DUNS has control
over the ability to issue Globally unique identifiers for company's.
No information may ever be actually retrieved from DUNS or any DUNS
registry service.

PROBLEM:  Duns numbers are very hard to get for SME's.  It is a possible
roadblock for participation in ebXML if it is required to have a DUNS
number.  I also think that DUNS does not issue numbers in some
countries.  I suppose that DUNS is just one possible idenitification
sheme. It is presumed that there are alternative identification shemes
as well?????

Some issues.

1. Has anyone in ebXML EVER talked to anyone at DUNS to ask about this
IANA registration?

2. When company's make more than one CPP,  how do we distinguish them
apart?  They will need globally unique identifiers.


> Actually this raises the question, what data will be returned by such
> directory
> services??  No doubt every Directory willuse a different HTTP, SOAP,
> etc.
> request and response, and record format :-(  Every application will
> have to
> keep a database of the element names returned by each directory.
> --------------------------
> 2.  The Core components initial catalog, Appendix A. contained the
> following.
> I presume they are talking about schemes such as DUNS, EAN, etc

  code           A value from a
                 code list.
  code.details   The
                 required to
                 associate a
                 code with it's

  code list                     A list of codes.
  code list. identifier         The name of a list of codes.
  code list. agency.            An agency that maintains one or more
  identifier                    code lists.
> It seems to me, in the above example from CPP/CPA that 123456etc is a
> "code".
> The "code details" will be a differently shaped object for every code
> list.
> IN this case it would be a whole party record, in whatever shape
> returned
> by DUNs or whoever.
> The "code list identifier" might be "DUNS"?  Where are the valid
> values
> of  "code list identifiers"?  What if somebody says "D-U-N-S"...  or,
> is this intended to be based on EDIFACT 3055 codes?
> http://www.unece.org/trade/untdid/d99b/tred/tred3055.htm  I noted,
> out of all those agencies, IANA is not listed, or a good many other
> agencies. UDDI, OASIS aren't either...
> Finally--I think this core component needs another attribute, "code
> list.agency.Uri"
> Sorry for my ignorance, many thanks for any comments.
> TOdd
> Todd Boyle CPA   (425) 827-3107
> 9745-128th Av NE, Kirkland WA 98033
> tboyle@netaccount.com  http://www.netaccount.com/
> tboyle@rosehill.net  http://www.gldialtone.com/

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