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Subject: Some Party questions


1.  The CPP/CPA document. v093 contains this:

   The following example illustrates two URI references.
   <PartyId type = "uriReference">urn:duns.com:duns:1234563</PartyId>
   <PartyId type = "uriReference">urn:www.example.com</PartyId>
   The first example is the URN for the Party's DUNS number,
   assuming that Dun and Bradstreet has registered a URN
   for DUNS numbers with the Internet Assigned Numbers
   Authority (IANA). The last field is the DUNS number
   of the organization.

It appears D&B will allow interactive access but do they intend to
offer any programmatic interface?

In any case, is anybody aware of any HTTP or SOAP etc. service on
the internet, where the name and address information of a party can be
obtained by submitting a DUNS number?

Otherwise--is there any other comparable directory, that has a decent
number of users, reputation etc. that does have a programmatic interface,
and is free?  Besides UDDI?   It seems to me this would be very handy
for web applications providers.  Perhaps it will become customary for
web apps. to provide this lookup service for their subscribers.  In
otherwords, my party code might be www.something.com/cgi/%DUNS%234234

as long as it works...  

Actually this raises the question, what data will be returned by such directory
services??  No doubt every Directory will use a different HTTP, SOAP, etc.
request and response, and record format :-(  Every application will have to
keep a database of the element names returned by each directory.

2.  The Core components initial catalog, Appendix A. contained the following.
I presume they are talking about schemes such as DUNS, EAN, etc


A value from a code list.


The information required to associate a code with it's meaning.


code list

A list of codes.

code list. identifier

The name of a list of codes.

code list. agency. identifier

An agency that maintains one or more code lists.

It seems to me, in the above example from CPP/CPA that 123456etc is a "code".

The "code details" will be a differently shaped object for every code list.
IN this case it would be a whole party record, in whatever shape returned
by DUNs or whoever.

The "code list identifier" might be "DUNS"?  Where are the valid values
of  "code list identifiers"?  What if somebody says "D-U-N-S"...  or,
is this intended to be based on EDIFACT 3055 codes?

http://www.unece.org/trade/untdid/d99b/tred/tred3055.htm  I noted,
out of all those agencies, IANA is not listed, or a good many other
agencies. UDDI, OASIS aren't either...

Finally--I think this core component needs another attribute, "code list.agency.Uri"

Sorry for my ignorance, many thanks for any comments.

Todd Boyle CPA   (425) 827-3107
9745-128th Av NE, Kirkland WA 98033 
tboyle@netaccount.com  http://www.netaccount.com/
tboyle@rosehill.net  http://www.gldialtone.com/



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