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Subject: RE: Fantasies

Mark Crawford:
>With all due respect
>to our ebXML brethren in the technical project teams, they are creating
>interconnectivity - not interoperability.  The interoperability piece will
>only come with standardization of the payload, not the wrapper and means for
>exchanging it.

I agree, but standardized business collaboration processes are
required for interoperability, too.  ebXML is not developing those,
either.  It's developing the specifications for how to design the
processes, and a catalog (survey and cross-reference) of existing
business processes from many sources, but some other group
will need to develop the standard processes and link them to
standard payloads for real business process interoperability.
Is the joint EWG/X12 Core Component initiative going to 
include business collaboration processes?

Bob Haugen

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