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Subject: FW: Getting Back to Basics - How to describe Dates and Times andEvents?

Why is rdf better for the SME than the ebXML registry?  The question mixes
apples with oranges. The ebXML registry is a mechanism for passing persisted
metadata to a requestor. RDF relates to how to encode information within a

You hit me now with the added info that ABC-12345 is not a URI, that it was
an invoice identifier. Then I suggest using an <identifier> element, as
demonstrated in several previous notes. I was going on the supposition that
ABC-12345 was a URI since the name of the element is docRef. A reference
normally implies an anchor/URL/URI doesnt it. Now you say it's an identifier
from the invoice document. Fine, but I wish you had explained that to begin
with. Below is how the DCN does this. Real simple, and it doesn't require
any lookup in a registry. Better performance, better for the SME. Better for
the poor bloke who happens to be offline at the time...

<Document xsi:type='ServiceDocument' name='Invoice">
   <title xml:lang='EN'>Invoice</title>

As good a techhead as Martin apparently is, the above is a far more
intuitive encoding than

<docRef docType="http://www.ebXML.org/Messages/Invoice">ABC-12345</docRef>

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