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Subject: Re: Getting Back to Basics - How to describe Dates and Times andEvents?

John McClure wrote:

> Below is how the DCN does this. Real simple, and it doesn't require
> any lookup in a registry. Better performance, better for the SME. Better
> the poor bloke who happens to be offline at the time...
> <Document xsi:type='ServiceDocument' name='Invoice">
>    <title xml:lang='EN'>Invoice</title>
>    <identifier>ABC-12345</identifier>
> </Document>
> As good a techhead as Martin apparently is, the above is a far more
> intuitive encoding than
> <docRef docType="http://www.ebXML.org/Messages/Invoice">ABC-12345</docRef>

Intuition doesn't always work, sometimes you need to look at real payloads
and work out how to reduce them:-)

The main difference between our approaches is in "how and where". In most
TPAs the docRef element will always point back to the same type of
information. Therefore the docType can be defaulted to in the DTD and
doesn't need to be part of the instance. With your scheme there is no way to
default the type of reference for a particular TPA.


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