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Subject: Re: Long Tags Codes etc. again

Message text written by "William J.J. Kammerer"
Can David RR show us what's at the other end of the Bizcode
UID='EBX005080' in the registry so we can divine the semantics?

William JJ,

Good question.  

It is basically all the information in the Core Component
Information Model diagram, laid out as a XML structure, plus a few
extras for the Registry to safely store and retrieve it.  

We're still refining this all for the project implementation - so I'm not 
going to aniticipate my development team till they
are finished refining and tweaking and internal reviewing.  Otherwise
we get into a 'why is this that and not the other there and over here?' 
type discussions - so I'll wait till the team says it holds water, before
submitting the 'sieve' to your scrutiny here.

My sense is that on the ground in Vienna is going to make this 
much easier to go thru in the necessary detail.

Thanks, DW.

p.s. Fortunately I've not been confirmed for anything, so I really
        do only have two middle initials, but as yet no UID or Bizcode
        for either.  Perhaps there is already an ISO / DIN / BIN / MIG /
        BOP / BAH / WIN / WIN code for these?

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