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Subject: RE: Dotted-name Tags (was RE: Long Tags Codes etc. again)

Message text written by John McClure
>Wow. I'm an old REXX guy, and that language has dotted-names too. Doesn't
Python also use dotted-names? 


Ooops.  Too many TREX out there!

But now I know just how old you are ; -)

REXX - huh?  Real men use CMS scripts and Xedit macros and 360's,
none of them highflutting fancy systems...

No - the TREX you need can be found at :




 "There is a genuine need for a straightforward, easy-to-learn XML schema
language, and TREX delivers that," said James Clark, who will serve as
chair of the OASIS TREX Technical Committee. 

enjoy, DW.

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