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Subject: Re: Tags and semantics ( was Dotted Names)

Message text written by Philip Goatly
> 1) The core components willnot hold the complete set of semantics
> sent in messages, some of this will come from the application of context
> rules.  This means that any message that has had context applied will
> to be 'explained' to both the sender and the receiver in order that they
> interpret it in the same manner.

This has been CRITICALLY exposed in the work we have been doing with 
NIST.   In fact this is probably the single most important part - and
ad hoc systems to reliable capture and expose pure business information
detail is the next challenge.  What the current CoreCmp does is bikini
"what it exposes is interesting, but what it conceals is vital".

But let's get V1.0 - the bikini part - working first - then we can tackle
the next

Thanks, DW.

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