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Subject: RE: Long Tags Codes etc. again.

On 2001-Apr-17 <MCRAWFORD@lmi.org> Mark Crawford wrote in <ebXML-core>:


> I must respectfully disagree.  If you are going to rely on nesting, then you
> needlessly magnify the complexity.  Even with nesting, there is still the
> problem with properly identifying context.  <SellerPartyName> clearly
> identifies what I am conveying - without having to refer to where the tag is
> nested in a stream of data.  It's not an issue of dumbing down to support
> the uneducated, it's more an issue of what makes good sense from the user
> perspective.  

I think that one problem is in trying to view the data as a _stream_. It
isn't. The data comprises a 'document', and must be viewed as a whole to get
the full picture; then the nesting becomes apparent. Of course, it can be
broken down into elements, and futher divided again, but it is definately
more a document than a stream.

And, like ordinary old HTML, the system may have to parse the 'document'
more than once to extract all of the inferred meaning.

On 2001-Apr-17 Philip Goatly <philip.goatly@bolero.net> wrote in <ebXML-core>:

> The casual reader will have to understand the concept of nesting of course,
> but we cannot assume with anything new that people will not have to learn
> anything, or is that our aim ? ;-)

Nesting has been around in many things for a very long time. So there are
many people who know the basic concept. Shouldn't be a major problem. I'm
all for nesting of tags.

    [I found the massive block-quoted HTML-formatted]
    [email within this message a bit of a nightmare.]






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