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Subject: RE: Just what is a Core Component? Well, it depends on what "is" is.

> "A core component is a data item or aggregate of data items that goes into
> a higher level assembly of data items and remains the same across all of
> the business contexts in which it is used."

I think Sally has provided a definition that is perfectly in-tune with the
published definition for a "core component" but.... It sure looks like the
definition for a "data structure", something that's been around since the
days of FORTRAN.

Nevertheless, I'm glad this is getting cleared up, but it would be nice if
terms were used that had a more modern -- context -- such as "resource-type"
does wrt Internet applications development. I suggest it's a good thing to
stay as high on the semantic stack as possible. To me, defining data
structures seems too low-level.


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