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Subject: Re: What do people really expect from ebXML?


Thanks for your kind comments.

> Here's an example: go to Citibank's www.Bizzed.Com site.  Click on
> Networking.  Can't you imagine an ebXML registry on that menu?  Then,
> on Tools.  Wouldn't a Web service called, Manage Your Inventory, fit under
> that category?   Unless I have missed something significant along the way,
> that is what we have been telling people ebXML would accomplish.

I can see where you are going, and the ASP model is just one way to go.

ebXML needs to be this and much more. It needs to go places where fixed PCs
and Internet connections are not.

It needs to go onto mobile phones, navigation systems in cars and a whole
lot of other places where people in SMEs actually do business.

If ebXML is solely for the web, then it may never be adopted by people in
Small Business for the simple reason that PCs are often a place where these
people rarely (if ever) go.

Saying this, the main point you made about managing inventory idea is
essentially good, and so is the directory. I'm simply suggesting that ebXML
needs to be the mechanism for how all these devices talk to each other.

This functionality needs to be part of what we regard as core components.

Take care

David Lyon

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