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Subject: Re: Interim status of BPSS doc and issues.

Re: <http://lists.ebxml.org/archives/ebxml-core/200104/msg00269.html>

On 2001-Apr-23 Karsten Riemer <Karsten.Riemer@east.sun.com> wrote in

> Attached is a .zip file with the current state of the BPSS
> document, and the current state of the associated issues list.
> I am sending it out now as an interim status, for today's
> BP/CC phone meeting. The document is called "1.0.A".
> I anticipate at least a "1.0.B" within the next two days,
> before we reach the "1.0" we will send out for final public
> review. So if you have limited reviewing bandwidth, use
> "1.0.A" to spotcheck your pet issues only, and save your
> complete review contribution for later in the week.

> Note: Section 6.3 still needs some clean-up, subject to
> today's discussion about state of CC specifications.

> Content-type: APPLICATION/octet-stream; name=BPSS1.0.A.zip

> Content-description: WinZip

> Attachment Converted: C:\MYDOCU~1\ATTACH~2\BPSS10A.ZIP


Just two very minor corrections to note:

> 3243    8.  A class attribute data type (e.g. Time)
          that has no corresponding definition
> 3244    is rendered as a string. Time is formatted
          following ISO 8601
> 3245    CCYYMMDDThhmmss.sssZ.

In line 3245 please note that ISO 8601 no longer states the Year as 'CCYY',
previously implying 'CC' as 'Century'. The years from 2001 to 2099
inclusive, have a CC of '20' whilst in common parlance they are really all
21st Century dates. ISO8601:1988 has been replaced (on 2000-12-21) by the
new ISO8601:2000 standard, which avoids this problem by now using 'YYYY' for
the Year Information. This should now read:

> 3245    YYYYMMDDThhmmss.sssZ.

>  435    'definiton'

This should be  'definition'.

Should Section 11, 'References', list this as well?:

ISO8601:2000  Data Elements and Interchange Formats - Information
Interchange - Representation of Dates and Times (2nd Edition)  2000-12-21,
International Organisation for Standardisation, Geneva.

Controversial!: How about the BPSS Document Date being '2001 April 21'
rather than '21 April 2001', thereby following the same element order as in
ISO8601. Within the ISO8601 standard long-hand dates are already written in
that style in many places.






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