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Subject: Re: ebXML Core Components - Transactions


Thanks for the advice.

My primary goal for coming to ebXML was to pick up some messages
that were already modelled.

This is what I was led to believe from your press releases that ebXML
could do for me.

Even the http://www.ebxml.org  gives the impression that ebXML will
be providing a world standard for conducting XML trade.

It appears that there isn't anyone on the team presently who can model
the messages that are eluded to so I offered my services.

I got the impression also, that ebXML was an 'open' worldwide project
and this is once again false, as the project is well and truly a closed one.

So all I can say is 'good luck', keep having fun.

You may wish to have a look at other United Nations programs which
really are doing a lot to help people worldwide in their economic
development. Some of them are extremely well received and considered
very valuable by people in developing countries.

I can't help get the feeling that this project, while claiming to be doing
the same, doesn't really have much to offer people in developing countries
do XML trading in it's current form.

Take care all,

David Lyon.

----- Original Message -----
From: Mike Rawlins <mike@rawlinsecconsulting.com>
To: David Lyon <djlyon@one.net.au>
Sent: Thursday, April 26, 2001 5:09 AM
Subject: Re: ebXML Core Components - Transactions

> David,
> I applaud you energy and desire to help.  However, for what you want to
> accomplish (develop standard XML messages), I don't think ebXML is the
> venue.  You may have more success in directing your energies toward the
> Working Group, the proposed OASIS sponsored Core Components initiative, or
> yet-to-be-announced (if announced) new organization under UN/CEFACT that
> supposed to use modeling to develop the new XML messages.
> Regards,
> David Lyon wrote:
> > All,
> >
> > Firstly, I apologise to any if I have rubbed people up the wrong way,
> > thanks
> > to everybody who has given feedback on my queries.
> >
> > I guess coming from an EDI background myself, I did expect to see some
> > sort of definition of transactions. I had no idea that it was actually
> > a
> > contentious issue.
> >
> > If you need somebody who can put together a reasonably workable set
> > of definitions/documentation for basic XML business, then I would be
> > happy to offer my services.
> >
> > What I have to offer is that I have extensive EDI and XML experience
> > but more importantly, I am tuned to the expectations of Enterprises
> > ranging from SMEs to the very largest.
> >
> > My biggest skill is that I am able to reconcile transaction requirements
> > accross Industries, Sectors and Segments (Products/Travel/Services etc)
> > so as to enable the definition of a set of transactions that would be
> > to
> > implement on todays computing platforms.
> >
> > I am confident that I could achieve these results within what could be
> > called a reasonable timeframe.
> >
> > The 'workable' transaction set that I would suggest would be:
> >
> >  - The Catalog/Pricelist
> >  - The Purchase Order
> >  - The Price/Availability Check
> >  - The Invoice/Receipt/DD
> >  - The Payment Advice
> >  - The Statement of Account
> >
> > These imho are the core components of ebXML.
> >
> > As has been already pointed out to me, 'ebXML is just a set of
> > specifications for people pick and choose from'
> >
> > Let me know if I can be of assistance.
> >
> > Yours Sincerely
> >
> > David Lyon
> >
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> --
> Michael C. Rawlins, Rawlins EC Consulting
> www.rawlinsecconsulting.com

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