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Subject: ebXML Core Components - Transactions


Firstly, I apologise to any if I have rubbed people up the wrong way, and
to everybody who has given feedback on my queries.

I guess coming from an EDI background myself, I did expect to see some
sort of definition of transactions. I had no idea that it was actually such
contentious issue.

If you need somebody who can put together a reasonably workable set
of definitions/documentation for basic XML business, then I would be
happy to offer my services.

What I have to offer is that I have extensive EDI and XML experience
but more importantly, I am tuned to the expectations of Enterprises
ranging from SMEs to the very largest.

My biggest skill is that I am able to reconcile transaction requirements
accross Industries, Sectors and Segments (Products/Travel/Services etc)
so as to enable the definition of a set of transactions that would be easy
implement on todays computing platforms.

I am confident that I could achieve these results within what could be
called a reasonable timeframe.

The 'workable' transaction set that I would suggest would be:

 - The Catalog/Pricelist
 - The Purchase Order
 - The Price/Availability Check
 - The Invoice/Receipt/DD
 - The Payment Advice
 - The Statement of Account

These imho are the core components of ebXML.

As has been already pointed out to me, 'ebXML is just a set of
specifications for people pick and choose from'

Let me know if I can be of assistance.

Yours Sincerely

David Lyon

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