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Subject: Core Components Sample documents for the POC - documents going backand forth to the Payment Authority


Ondrej Cikhart of Schemantix assembled the sample business document for the
Invoice out of the Core Component?s Dictionary for the POC. Figure 1. The
sample Credit Request document was assembled out of a similar XML file. The
documents are in the ZIP file contained in this e-mail. One can find the
XML documents, DTD's and HTML files which show the UID's of the Components
used in the documents.

Regards, Sig

Figure 1. Assembly XML

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE Assembly SYSTEM "assembly.dtd">
<Assembly version="1.0">
  <Assemble name="Invoice" id="PO">
      <CreateElement id="IH" location="100077">
      <CreateElement id="ID" location="100056">
           <CreateElement id="IS" location="100056">
  <Assemble name="CreditRequest" id="CRQ">
      <CreateElement id="M" location="200022">
      <CreateElement id="PG" location="200018">
           <CreateElement id="CRQD" location="200002">
           <CreateElement id="CTS" location="200009">
           <CreateElement id="PT" location="200074">

(See attached file: docs.zip)


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