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Subject: RE: Party objects - code lists - metadata registries - harvesting maps

> Martin Bryan said
> >
> > ISO 11179 is destiny.  Resistance is futile. Everything
> > will be assimilated.
> I see the Daleks have invaded Planet ebXML. Time to call in Dr Who. Anyone
> know the phone number of the Tardis?
> Martin Bryan

Ok you smart alecs!  I was serious... <grin>

ISO 11179 is Borg, because it is a *sufficient* system of
representing data elements, and has a self-healing, evolutionary
capability.   As soon as something like ISO 11179 is adopted
very widely at all, it will very quickly home in on accurate
definitions and representations of reality.

Something like this is inevitable in the long run.  If it emerges
within some other scheme besides ISO 11179, then the ISO 11179
registries would certainly be a useful start.

Data represent phenomenal reality.  The history of language and
thought are very much about increasingly accurate models.  There
are economic gains to be achieved by accurate models. Thus, one
would expect membership in any accurate metadata registry to
become non-optional very quickly, for companies that wish to

I think there is a lot of value in the fact that ISO 11179
registries are not limited to e-commerce.   They seem to contain
all domains, seamlessly.

For today's corporation, the optimal strategy is to ignore public
registries, and continue grooming and improving their internal
data dictionaries and junk.  We are in this age of exploiting
information spreads --which is exactly the same thing as
exploiting ignorance.  We glorify this exploitation, protect it
by IP laws, and worship authors as if gladiators.  We spread
disinformation, we heap billions on madison avenue, to poison
the memespace.  All printed media, radio and TV are based on
this poisoning.

But what happens, if the global metadata registry achieves
critical mass?

To ignore the registry would be exactly like a teenager who thinks
he knows everything, and doesn't need to go to college.

If you thought napster was viral, wait til 11179 gets rolling.
11179 is napster for memes  --the truth is out there,

       "...To Boldly Go Where Someone Has Gone Before....."

Somebody said,
> Todd,
> I downloaded all of the individual components, but ...
> all I found when I scanned this stuff is yet another
> set of principles for classification, naming, defining, registering,
> etc.  Not the promised Borg.  Am I missing something?
> If it's obvious, I will be embarrassed, but that's happened
> before...

David RR Webber said,

> Actually this is a mis-quote the real quote is:
> "ISO 11179 is entropy retained.  Resistance is futile. Everything
>  will be itemized, classified, catalogued, versioned, sub-versioned,
>  ownered, and marked as draft, proposed, approved or obsoleted.
>  ABSOLUTELY NOTHING will ever get destroyed, lost or removed".
> Dr Who's pager number in the US is 1-888-TIME-2-KILL.
> DW.

ohhh jeeeeezzzz....

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