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Subject: RE: Party objects - code lists - metadata registries - harvesting maps

Message text written by INTERNET:tboyle@rosehill.net
>As soon as something like ISO 11179 is adopted
very widely at all, it will very quickly home in on accurate
definitions and representations of reality.<



I have to tell you that 11179 is the antithesis of your SME world.

It is designed for behemoth government agencies to sort out
their information models.  This is not technology that an SME 
can easily grapple with.   Oracle currently charges $2M and
up for their 11179 implementation.

Also 11179 is scrambling to assimulate XML and ebXML style
stuff in Version 3+ of their spec's.  It's not there yet.

My vision is that ebXML Registry provides a lighter-weight,
lower cost, eBusiness centric and XML enabled interface.

I have actually done some initial work on front-ending a 11179
registry with an ebXML one.

Each registry system (OASIS, 11179 and ebXML) has a 
different use case and operational profile, so interoperability
is important here, and expect to see more effort in this area
in due course.

For those that are interested the MDR working group is 
organized by NIST here in the US.


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