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Subject: Re: ebXML Core Components Submission Version 1.03


> further to our recent teleconference, i have discussed the status of the
> Core Components documents with Klaus.
> the strategy we propose is as follows:
> >
> * on wednesday May 2nd. the core components team issue this document
> both to the QR team and for public review.

Attached is the updated Core Components submission.  The document titled "CC
and BP Document Overview" is the Specification document inclusive of the
conceptual overview you requested, the rest of the documents are supporting
technical reports.

Tim, it is my understanding from Mary Kay that you can have this sent out to
the general ebXML list.

Thank you for all of your assistance.

Lisa & Mary Kay

> * on tuesday 8th and wednesday 9th, the QR team and Core Components team
> editors will work through both the QR and public comments.
> * on thursday 10th, the Core Components team editors will publish the
> final document to attendees at the plenary.
> * on friday 11th, the plenary will be asked to vote on this document as
> a Technical Report.
> we look forward to receiving your document(s) on the 2nd May.
> --
> regards
> tim mcgrath
> TEDIS   fremantle  western australia 6160
> phone: +618 93352228  fax: +618 93352142


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