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Subject: Re: What do people really expect from ebXML? - Whatever it is,itbetterbe easier than EDI

I am not going to get too involved in the discussions that have been bandied
around on the above thread, but I would just like to point out one glaring
error that David Powell wrote, namely

> ebXML promises:
> *Interactive exchange of transactions (real time)

This is incorrect. UN/EDIFACT started an interactive pilot in 1995, and in
1996 Version 4 of the UN/EDIFACT syntax was approved, which included the
ability to transmit interactive EDIFACT messages. Initially these were being
pushed by the Travel Tourism and Leisure group (Availability Requests,
reservation Requests and bookings, interactive timetable updates, etc) but
now these concepts are being more widely used. For instance, the health
group have a Message in Development for an Interactive Script request
message (for prescriptions). In fact, one of the leaders in the core
components group (Paula Heilig) had a large part in getting this developed
and approved, and is actively using many of these messages.

All XML can do is 'promise' that this will be available!!!

If you want more information on interactive UN/EDIFACT, visit the Joint
Syntax Working Group web site (http://www.gefeg.com/jswg/ ) and see ISO 9735
Part 3 - Syntax rules for Interactive EDI.

Margaret Pemberton

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