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Subject: Oooh - Ouch! Is it necessarily the Truth if it Hurts?

From the May 10, 2001 DAMSAD Project Group Status Report of the CEN/ISSS
EC Workshop; see http://www.cenorm.be/isss/Workshop/ec/, select
"Documentation," go to the EC Workshop Document Lists for 2001, and look
at Document 41:

   ...our datatyping CWA has not had any influence on the development
   of ebXML, which insists on using a limited set of "representation
   types" based on existing EDI practices which are not formally
   defined, rather than adopting formal definitions of the type
   supplied in XML Schemas as recommended by the CWA...

   ...I had originally expected the ebXML initiative to provide a
   sufficiently understandable set of rules.... The poor quality of
   the ebXML core components deliverables, however, precludes its
   content from direct use in a CWA.  The confusion as to how and
   when ebXML core component libraries will be created and managed,
   how these will differ from ebXML Business Libraries, and how users
   will access such libraries, makes it impossible to provide coherent
   guidance on the management of semantics related to ebXML, let alone
   advice of a more generic nature....

Oooh - Ouch!  Is it necessarily the Truth if it Hurts?

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Dublin, OH USA 43017-3305
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