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Subject: Re: Units of Measure, 3 sources

At 09:54 2001-05-18 -0700, Smith, Neal L. (NLSM) wrote:
>Core Components Group:
>We have received the attached proposal for standard XML data representations
>for Units of Measure.  Is this something that could/should be expressed as
>ebXML Core Components?  If so, how do we achieve that?

Hi cc

yes, and even THREE main and consistent sources:

(1) at inter-governmental level, the original SI system as issued by the 
"Bureau International des Poids et Mesures" BIPM, at Sèvres near Paris, 
still having the original meter, hook to:
with a lot of files (in English and French), and add. info. material
a lot of countries (incl. US) have ratified and implemented the BIPM 
Convention: try to find the web site of your national metrology institution.
member states, parties to this BIPM Convention:

(2) at non-governmental level, ISO31 + ISO1000 + ISO2955, maintained by ISO 
[as the ISO Web is currently updated, my stock of URLs are useless, sorry]

(3) the UN/ECE Recommendation 20 currently under revision by the Code WG 
(CDWG) of UN/CEFACT (I'm a member of it, active in the rev. of this Rec.). 
current valid version available at:
++ left col., click on "Recommendations"
++ go down, and click on "20. Codes for Units of Measurement used in 
International Trade"
you will find a very comprehensive list of normative and informative 
references in the "References" chapter.

change requests can be loaded through the web at:

I'm available to tell more to who would need it.

last, may I confirm that the Unit of Measures have been standardised, one 
way of the other, for about 2 (two) centuries and is one of the best and 
recognised set of standards industry and trade is using daily, throughout 
the world.

François (as member of CDWG UN/ECE Rec.20 task force)

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