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Subject: Re: To get things started....SCENARIOS

I have a suggestion for the ebXML-Dev list members....

Much of the discussion on ebXML lists are regarding academic issues
of specification development, rather than actual real-world development
scenarios. Rightly so, because the purpose is to create and refine a common
framework for a large number of implementation scenarios.

However at some point, we need to figure out how to make use
the specifications in a development environment. The translation
from specification to implementation is fairly difficult, since the verbage
is dense and intent is not clear.

What would be very useful is for developers who are seeking to create or
adapt ebXML systems to share specific information about their requirements,
so that we can start discussion about specific implementation strategy based
the generic constraints defined in the specifications.

For example:

SCENARIO1: "My company is building a B2C portal for the adult entertainment
and would like to use the ebXML framework to aggregate multimedia files,
track users, personalize web pages, and engage in credit card

SCENARIO2: "I have an existing B2B exchange for agriculture industry
that has an proprietary Java/XML interface and would like to adapt this to
ebXML standards..."

Following each scenario (put the SCENARIO number in your email subject to
help track
the thread), we can get the ebXML experts to participate in a discussion of
strategy, issues, etc.

I can categorize, prioritize, and structure this information and repost back
to the list
as a development FAQ. Later this might evolve into a database of development
or tips and trick, etc.

Eric Chiu

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