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Subject: Re: To get things started....SCENARIOS


   Agree totally.  At this time, we should exchange ideas in proposing a series
of mini projects to explore the specification in all aspects.  Say, for example,
an biz-editor which may allow
people to do thing correct within a specific context (embedded rules), as well
as integrate
the ouput into repository through RIM.

  An informal workshop with a couple of biz process team member MAY(?) come
to HK between 1st August - 17 August to explore more in concrete and innovative

  Are you interest to come?


Eric Chiu wrote:

> I have a suggestion for the ebXML-Dev list members....
> Much of the discussion on ebXML lists are regarding academic issues
> of specification development, rather than actual real-world development
> scenarios. Rightly so, because the purpose is to create and refine a common
> framework for a large number of implementation scenarios.
> However at some point, we need to figure out how to make use
> the specifications in a development environment. The translation
> from specification to implementation is fairly difficult, since the verbage
> is dense and intent is not clear.
> What would be very useful is for developers who are seeking to create or
> adapt ebXML systems to share specific information about their requirements,
> so that we can start discussion about specific implementation strategy based
> on
> the generic constraints defined in the specifications.
> For example:
> SCENARIO1: "My company is building a B2C portal for the adult entertainment
> industry
> and would like to use the ebXML framework to aggregate multimedia files,
> track users, personalize web pages, and engage in credit card
> transactions..."
> SCENARIO2: "I have an existing B2B exchange for agriculture industry
> www.myfarms.com
> that has an proprietary Java/XML interface and would like to adapt this to
> ebXML standards..."
> Following each scenario (put the SCENARIO number in your email subject to
> help track
> the thread), we can get the ebXML experts to participate in a discussion of
> implementation
> strategy, issues, etc.
> I can categorize, prioritize, and structure this information and repost back
> to the list
> as a development FAQ. Later this might evolve into a database of development
> issues,
> or tips and trick, etc.
> Thanks,
> Eric Chiu
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