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Subject: Re: To get things started....SCENARIOS

> I guess my suggestion is this - pick a scenario, any 'representative'
> scenario, but do some with an understanding of where it fits
> into to the Porter scheme or other similar notion of enterprise
> activities. Work through the scenario, but then consciously go
> back and start testing the results in a scenario in another enterprise
> activity category.
> As a representative of a group involved in standards for a horizontal
> business function, I guess it is not surprising that I should favor
> this type of analysis or that I should be concerned that models work
> across the various horizontal categories of enterprise activity.


I would like to take this a step further, can you elaborate a bit more -
I've read the analysis in the BP Worksheet, but it's fairly generic analysis
We would need to work with a domain expert in a particular industry to
the relevant specific information for the value chain analysis.

Eric Chiu

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